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"A man should not be grudging of the money he makes. Often what we intend for those we love is laid up for those we dislike. Matters frequently turn out worse than we expect."

"Praise no day until evening, no wife before her cremation, no sword till tested, no maid before marriage, no ice till crossed, no ale till it's drunk."

"A man should be moderately wise, never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is freest of care."

"There is no load a man can carry than much commonsense; no worse than too much drink."

"Confide in one, never in two. Confide in three and the whole world knows."

"Out in the fields a man should never be parted from his weapons. No one knows when a man in the open has need of a spear."

from Hávámal, "The Sayings of the High One"

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Crew Roster

Gorm Ketilsson: Co-captain
Gram Ketilsson: Co-captain
Thorir Thorvaldarson: Co-captain
Grettir Geirsteinarson: Crewman
Halfdan Gormsson: Crewman
Kol Flokason: Crewman


The Vikingsaga is a Play By e-Mail game set in the summer of 905 AD. It is the second incarnation of a saga that was begun in July of 1998, in which the time period of 879-884 AD was played out by various gamers, including a core group still participating in the new version of the game. In the first Vikingsaga, the crew claimed land north of Flaxflöi in Iceland. In the new Vikingsaga, the crew of the Viking longship "Nidhogg" has sailed from the lands that their fathers claimed in Ketilsfjord, Iceland. As before, the dragon-ship's crew prepare to take the North Sea by storm or by sword. The members of the crew each seek to enhance their own reputations, profits and experience, while acting upon agendas of their own.

Vikingsaga operates on a minimum (!) 2-day response time to all posts. Any longer than that and the game would be too slow to bear. Adherence to historicity is solemnly attempted, though we recognise the impossibility of such a task. The aim of the game is to have fun, learn more, and exchange knowledges about the setting (and earlier), and to keep the old fires alive on a time which once was, and will never be again.


A link below directs interested persons to our mailing list archive. Alternatively, there is also a link to the Petition section, in which one can carefully apply for a berth in the game. GM contact can be achieved via wereviking AT hotmail DOT com (get it?). Please do not apply to the game if you are not able to receive and reply to e-mail about FOUR or FIVE TIMES A WEEK (or every weekday, and away at weekends). Persons speaking English as a second language are welcome to apply. The game is primarily made of Scandinavian players (with an Australian GM).

Player Support Section

Petition the Saga Chronicler: Apply to join the Nidhogg's crew!
Posting Guidelines: A reference guide to protocol and gameplay in the Vikingsaga
Archive: Read the past happenings aboard the Nidhogg
NPC roster: Crew who feature in the saga!
Main Story NPCs: Information on some of the key names from the pages of Vikingsaga history
Valhöll: Read the sad tale of those who have died ...
The Vikingsaga Part One: Crew Roster for the previous chronicle, 879 AD - 884 AD
Currency: A basic overview of Viking economics
Reckoning Time: Astronomy and the measurement of time during the Viking Age
Icelandic Law and Society: As good as any brief overview can be
Oracle: Have your runes read
Maps!: A growing resource for finding out where you are ...
KENNINGS: A fantastic compendium on Norse poetic imagery
The Viking Network: Pay These Folks A Visit!
The Online Medieval and Classical Library: You can find some of the sagas here

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