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The Roster of the Dead

Brakki Alleson: Brakki took on an unidentified monster near-
singlehandedly, in the backwaters of the Sogn region, in central
western Norway. The beast turned Brakki to stone with its breath.

Faera the Volva: Faera was killed by the archers on one of the coastal ships owned by Harald Harfraga, King of Norway. The Wavekisser was taking evasive actions at the time.

Ulf Ormsson: Ulf was slain in a duel with the young madman, Constantine Karlsson, in the Danish port of Jelling.

Einar Hjálmgunnar: Trying to help Ulf in the fight against Constantine Karlsson, Einar was killed by a Dane and a Walloon in Constantine's employ.

Brodvar Brodvarsson: Gunnlaug Grimsson slew Brodvar in a holmgang in Jelling, after a long enmity. Brodvar was accused of trying to mutiny and steal the Wave-Kisser.

Geirrod Rune-Smith: Geirrod was slain by Wulfgar Beorhtricson after taunting the Northumbrian chieftain with the impending fate of his wife and daughters, during a raid on the English-Danish coast.

Oddi the Swimmer: Oddi was killed by the lucky slice of the dirk of a Cumbrian he was attempting to detain.

Brogan Mac Doran: Slaughtered by viking raiders, the defenseless Brogan was executed on the shore by a Scottish township.

Bjørn the Finn: This hearty warrior died while raiding the Hebridean nest of the Morrison clan, on the island of Lewis. Bjørn fell on the beach with his face towards the enemy.

Gunnlaug Grimsson: The wild warrior finally succumbed to death, when he was gutted in battle by the reaver-king Skinfaxi.

Sverja Steinrotsson: Sverja was mauled to death by a sorceress' giant cat (well, a lion), while trying to hide in a tree on the Orkney island of Papa Westray.

Ketil the Raven: This Wendish champion was one of the many who fell on the raid against Skinfaxisholm. Ketil perished on the beach, dismounting from the grounded dragon-ship Nidhogg. He died before the arrow-storm.

Kanar Truth-Finder: In pursuing the case against the supposed allies of the brothers Karlsson--Jarls Eirik and Raedhere Heorogarsson of Nidaros--for the murder of Sigehere the Brown, Kanar was murdered most foully by the younger jarl, Eirik.

Ørnulf Eiriksson: the skald fell as one of the few casualties in a raid on the cargo ship "Walrus."

Laegaire Uí Lír: this member of the sea-going Children of Lír was murdered in an ambush in Kaupang by Cup-Snorri, Atli Heidriksson and Sigebeorn the Jute.

Ulf Regensson: the Danish helmsman was also killed helping defend Thorvald the Sour from ambush by the three assassins, intent on revenge for Thorvald's killing of Vigjalf the Greedy in holmgang.

Orm Thorolfsson: the Varangian died in Germania, defending the Nidhogg against the raided village's impromptu militia.

Styrbjorn Stensson: the berserk was killed in a skirmish, fighting the geld-shy merchant Olaf of Orkney in Grobin.

Ráibert Bjornsson: this mature Bornholmer helmsman perished on the banks of the Volkhov, in the land of the Rus, fighting Pecheneg hunters.

Sturla Rafn Asbjornsson: this young Icelander died from a spear thrown during the confrontation with Eirik Heorogarsson at the ford of the Volkhov, north of Novgorod.

Thorolf Oddvarsson: the chief berserk and two-year crewman of the Nidhogg, veteran of the Wave-Kisser, was slain by overwhelming numbers of foe at the ford of the Volkhov by Eirik Worm-brother and his numerous Norwegian host.

Haakon Haakonarson: the long-standing Walrus, captain of the Nidhogg, died in Grobin at the burning of Froki Gormsson's hall. Spear-struck, Haakon slew Wulfram Aellesson before the hall collapsed.

Bjorn Asbjarnarson: the Halogalander was killed leading the charge out of Froki Gormsson's burning hall, in Grobin.

Thorfinn Dagsson: killed by a berserk on a small islet west of Zealand. Leif Dyrasson: slain in an einvigi duel in Fauske, Halogaland.

Kari the Fatherless: killed by the maw of Skjalg the Wyrm.

Helgrim Halfredsson: killed by the claw of Skjalg the Wyrm.

Bui Kraksson: after dispatching the nithing Hallfrod Hundred-Killer, Bui gave in to the wounds he took in the ordeal, perishing under Roskar Mountain before confronting Skjalg the Wyrm.

Dag Ulf-Godredsson: Dag fared poorly on the return to Fauske, being set on by archers on the moors miles short of his objective.

Grim Grimsson: he was felled in an einvigi duel with one of King Halfdan's carls, a man called Arnljot who was subsequently made outlaw. Grim is buried in Lejre.

Gothfrid Asmundsson: he fell in the shield-wall during the flight from Lejre when King Sigurd returned to take over the shared kingdom of the Danes.