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This is the street where we stayed in Berlin, courtesy of Julie and Stefan. Yes, I was trying to show my surprise at how green Berlin was.

The happy couple themselves. Happy Birthday Julie!

Moments after this photo Eve collapsed asleep after dancing non-stop for four hours at Julie's Birthday.

Here is the dancing girl herself, passed out in Anna's (Julie's sister) arms.

The local train station, with the Autobahn behind.

I hope you're not sick of photos of my daughter yet :)

Yay! Go me, the photographer errant. I'll enlarge this pic and frame it, I think, though the foreground is a little dark.

Despite the glow in Eve's eyes, this isn't black metal. . . .

Schkippy, the German-born Ikea kangaroo.

The love of my life in nature resplendent.

Yes, we're invading. Look out! This is the last known sighting of Eve's little hat (on its first outing).

Yee-haw, let's kill something!

Our gracious hosts in Göteborg.

Mattias managed to wipe the ectoplasm from his chin just moments before we took this photo.

Another happy couple. No, their eyes really are like that!

Poster child for Australian-Scandinavian relations.

Love helps Eve look for giddyups.

A great big castle in CC's home town. They look so happy because we just spent all our travel money at the biscuit factory.

Another pesky German kangaroo that's wearing Eve's clothes we left behind!