Thorvald Thorgeirsson

PLAYER Heath Adams
LOCATION Esperance, Western Australia 
CHARACTER NAME Thorvald Thorgeirsson 
CHARACTER TITLE Killer Thorvald, Thorvald the Sour
RACE Norwegian 
AGE 29 (884ad)
PROFESSION Shipwright 
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Tall (6' 2"), lean. Becoming grisly as he ages.
Wiry muscles. Thinning blonde hair bound tightly with braided leather
ending somewhere between the shoulder blades.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Missing some teeth, half removed left ear,
strong jaw.
ADDITONAL INFORMATION Thorvald spent the 10 years living
with his uncle Thorstein in Scotland, ever since his father died. He
had been sailing (viking) for much of that. His older sister, Gudrun,
is his only sibling. She is married to Hallbjorn the Tall of Sogn, a
farmer. Thorvald's best friend was his cousin Thorir Thorsteinsson 
(his cousin) who is of similar age. Thorir sails aboard the Sea
Hammer, a modest sized longship. Thorvald helped to build the Sea 
Hammer during his apprenticeship and sailed on it until the summer 
just passed.
     Thorvald disliked life in Thorstein's house. The cruelty his
uncle displayed over those ten years towards his people and his wives
put him at odds with Thorvald who also loved his uncle for the
uncommon generosity he had shown. If it wasn't for Thorstein,
Thorvald would not have learnt his trade nor had the relatively
comfortable life he had enjoyed during his early years as a man.
     Thorvald left the Sea Hammer on the premise of visiting his
sister for the winter. He had no real desire to do this though, and
remained the winter in Denmark where he had disembarked. It angered
him that he had lied to his captain and crew members - including his
cousin Thorir - but was happy to be free of his uncle's household.
     On the Sea Hammer Thorvald saw many ports from Ireland to West
Sweden. The long ship was most familiar with ports in the North Sea:
the Orkneys, the east coast of Scotland, England, France, Norway and
Denmark. The lands he is most familiar with are Sogn in Norway, the
Orkneys and Scotland.
     Since joining the Nidhogg in Jelling, many adventures have 
befallen the shipwright. His first fights seemed to be quarrels 
amongst the crew: a holmgang with Vigjalf (it was from this fellow 
that he gained his name as 'The Sour') and a revenge attack from 
Vigjalf's comrades (old 'Seamew'sailors and members of the 'Nidhogg' 
crew). From both of these, Thorvald emerged the only survivor.
     Loyal to the former captain Haakon, the journey east was less 
than profitable for the Sogndalander. He lost his weapons and the 
mail-coat of Cup-Snorri (one of the 'Seamew' sailors he slew). Though
he did acquire the great sword 'Wrist Breaker', it was at the expense 
of the veteran Hross Scar-Face who perished, wounded, in the burning 
of Froki Gormsson's hall. Thorvald himself was lucky to escape with 
his life, having been seriously wounded in Grobin by one of Ari-Nail 
Lambasson's henchman, something he still feels wronged for.
     Burning with vengeance for the Heorogarsson's continued assault 
of the Nidhogg and her crew, Thorvald has followed Ketil first on the 
venture for troll's treasure and then for the battle beyond. Heading 
to Roskar, the crew found that Skjalg, Grani Krakasson's old enemy, 
had become a dragon. In the battle, Thorvald took a blow from the 
claw that broke his shoulder from its joint. His shield arm will 
never be as strong again, a deep pit of a scar still evident on his 
left shoulder. 
     From the loot that was gained however, the shipwright has taken 
a suit of unremarkable leather armour, no doubt intending to decorate 
it himself as the chance arises, and a bronze helm of curious design. 
     While others in the crew comptemplate Iceland, Thorvald dreams 
most of service in Halfdan's court, a promised Thaneship and the 
respect of building mighty longships funded by his new-found wealth.
vengeful, prudent
FIVE BEST SKILLS Shipbuilding, swordsmanship, rope and knotwork,
sailing, axing people
NEXT OF KIN Gudrun Thorgeirsdottir (sister): 29 year old beauty, wife
of Hallbjorn the Tall. Thorstein Rat the Many-Wifed (uncle): petty
landholder in mid-east Scotland, cruel and dishonest disposition.

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