Sven Torkelson

PLAYER: Marcus Carlsson
LOCATION: Gothenburg, Sweden

NAME: Sven Torkelson
TITLE: the Red
RACE: Swede

AGE: 31
BIRTHPLACE: Lödöse, Sweden
RELIGION: Heathen. He's especially fond of Thor, since he felt 
he was chosen by the thunderer in a vision he had during an 
initiation, but he also worships Njord.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: He's of average height but is sturdily built. 
His beltsize changes based on the amount of food he's able to 
get his hands on. His hair and beard is bright red and the beard 
is plaited into four thick braids. His eyes are very green and he 
likes the effect they can have on people when he look them dead 
in the eyes. During his time onboard the Nidhogg he's taken 
wounds that would've killed any normal men. These are covered 
by his clothes but they are, for Sven, proud markings that prove 
he's protected by Thor. He wears leather clothes, chainmail, a steel 
sword at his hip and an iron rimmed shield slinged over his back. He 
also carries a large bow and a quiver with arrows.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: The beard and his eyes are often 
the first thing that draws attention, beside his massive 
appearance. He has a scar on his left cheek that runs from the 
ear down to the corner of his mouth, giving him a constant 
crooked smile. When he does smile it makes his face look quite 
horrid. The treasure hunt at Roskar mountain left Sven with two 
thick golden armrings on each arm and several finger rings on 
each hand. The sword is adorned by silver dragons curling up 
the hilt and guard, something that Sven think is very fitting, 
considering the last owner of the weapon. His shield looks like 
an ordinary wooden one but has proven to be of excellent 
making and very resistant against the wear of time.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: He's the son of a wealthy warrior 
who has settled down to be a farmer. He's been out on travels 
before joining the Nidhogg, mostly in Norway or with Norwegian 
ships. Through his travelling he has earned himself the 
weapons he's carrying, and he's aspecially proud over the steel 
sword. He never got anything from his father since the two never 
got along. Infact, the father gave the farm to the younger brother 
when Sven left for the Vik and Sven's never been able to come to 
terms with that betrayal. He often thinks about how he should 
take the farm back, not because he wants to settle down but 
because it's rightfully his since he's the firstborn son.
     Sven's one of the oldest surviving men in the crew that formed 
on a small island after two ships went under. He's served under 
three captains onboard the Nidhogg, Aendil, Haakon and now 
Ketil. Sven's always considered himself the typical crewman and 
didn't want anything beyond that, but his time as bursar and an 
elder onboard the Nidhogg has made him ponder over an image 
of himself as a leader of men.
     Since he's reached a considerable age for fighting men he's 
started to think about getting himself a woman and a family to 
boot. He's a suporter of Ketil's plan to gather men and women 
and settle down in Iceland - far away from the enemies of the 
FIVE BEST SKILLS: Broadsword, shield, fighting, sailing, riding.
NEXT OF KIN: Father (Torkel), younger brother (Bjorn) and two 
sisters (Ylva and Stena). The father has become an old man who's 
content with sitting at the fire telling stories of his glorious 
youth. He was, like Sven is now, quite old before even thinking about 

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