Sulevi Gunnbjarnarson

PLAYER:  Josh Plocher
CHARACTER NAME:  Sulevi Gunnbjarnarson
Character Title: The Karelian
Race: Half-Swede, Half-Finn
Age: 25 (884ad)
Profession: Skald
Birthplace: Karelia, Finland
Religion: Norse Pantheon, favors Ull the god of Archers and Bragi, 
God of Poets.
Physical Description: Sulevi is a tall, lean man.  The lines of his 
frame are long and clean, drawing attention away from the bowman's 
muscles of his upper body.  His skin is a touch darker than the 
Swedish norm, his hair and beard nut brown and curly.  A leather 
thong decorated with a single silver bead keeps the hair out of his 
face.  The skald dresses in leather and wool.  Increasingly ragged 
embroidery ornaments the edge of his sky-colored cloak.  Suleviís
eyes are blue and darken when he searches the sky for omens.
Distinguishing Features: Aside from his height, Sulevi is 
distinguishable by the clarity of his baritone voice.  There are 
also faded scars on his palms where he has cut himself to offer 
blood sacrifice as payment for lore.
Additional Information: Suleviís clear voice and early knack for 
predicting weather earned him study with the jarlís skald instead of 
Gunnbjorn and the other huskarls.  Sulevi learned the chants and 
sagas well and thoroughly.  His weather-telling and skill at archery
won him a place on the jarlís last ill-fated Viking.  The jarl 
perished while raiding an isolated Norwegian settlement, although 
the rest of the warriors survived to complete the looting.  Sulevi 
spoke the jarlís death staves but declined the new jarlís offer of
service.  Instead, he has wandered Skandia and beyond, seeking new 
tales and singing in the halls of those who'd have him.  The 
Norwegian King Harald Herfagre exiled Sulevi, along with many 
others, to Iceland.   
Five adjectives that describe Sulevi: Calm, Ethereal, Focused, Sage, 
Five best skills: sky-reading (omens and weather), poetry, 
languages, runes
Privileged Weapon: Spear
Secondary Weapon: Bow
Next of Kin: Gunnbjorn Jansson (father), Harald Broken-Nose 
(cousin), Mari Gunnbjarnardottir (younger sister)
Additional Notes: Sulevi, for all his calm, is deeply 
superstitious.  He places much faith in the omens he reads in the 
sky, whether they are valid or not.  To convey the weight of the 
omens, he speaks them in staves.  When not performing, he tends to 
speak seldom and quietly.  Sulevi is a diligent worker and will not
shirk a turn at the oars, nor a place in the fight.

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