Red Knight

Hero Name: Red Knight
Secret Identity: Michael Tobias Unruh
Place of Origin: Canal City, New York
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Occupation: Entrepreneur, selling plans for infomercial appliances to
venture capitalists.
Height: 7'0" (in armour; out of armour, 5'4")
Weight: 414.45 lbs (in armour; out of armour, 150 lbs)
Eye and Hair Colour: Blue, dark blond.
Physical Description: Short, a military crewcut and short red beard,
wears glasses and comfortable short-sleeved shirts and jeans.
Costumed Appearance: A suit of medieval plate armour, the metal a 
dark red.
Psychological Profile: Michael is rather wary of mindless, selfish
groups, aware of such things as mob rule, the tyranny of the 
majority, and the troubles of bureaucracies and corporations; and so 
he avoids them as much as possible, and simply deals with 
individuals one after another. Although he doesn't drink, smoke, or 
do drugs himself, he doesn't mind if others do... as long as they 
know the effects ahead of time, and don't go bothering other people. 
He knows - at least, he's pretty sure - that if he put his mind to 
it, he could destroy civilization (if not humanity, if not life on 
Earth, if not the Earth...); his greatest fear is that his ideas 
will be put to such a use before he can think of a way to stop it 
from happening. 
Strength Level: approximately 5 tons (in armour; out of armour, average)
Notable Skills:
 1. Invention.
 2. Battlesuit piloting. Michael started taking Aikido and fencing
lessons over a year before he began assembling the armour, and has 
done his best to adapt what he learned.
Superhuman Abilities:
 All of Michael's powers stem from his armoured battlesuit.
 1. Defense. The armour is stronger than any conventional alloy, with
at least as much stopping power as a tank's frontal armour. (He 
hasn't tested it against anything more powerful yet.)
 2. Strength. Artificial muscles, with negative feedback control:
Michael doesn't have to move the weight of the armour by himself, it
senses the pressure as he moves his limbs and moves itself to match.
Computer-controlled, it can be given orders such as "run" (moving the
legs faster than he could move them himself) or "jump" (which 
triggers the boot-jets).
 3a. Life Support. Basic temperature controls, a catheter and such, 
plus an internal air supply for several hours (the suit can be 
 3b. In-suit consumables dispenser. Superheroics can require 
incredible physical stamina, and although he's a teetotaler, Michael 
has added more options to the suit's water/tea dispenser, such as 
caffeine, energy drinks (electrolyte replacers), and even modafinil 
(allows one to work for 60 hours straight without any problems, then 
sleep soundly) and ephedrine (mixed with caffeine, allows one to 
perform short, intense amounts of physical exercise about seven 
percent longer).
 4. Offense. A 'Tesla Ray-Gun' in the form of an arm-mounted cannon. 
The device releases the gravitational energy stored in light 
(turning a simple laser into a graviton force-beam), increasing the 
energy by several orders of magnitude.
 5. Suit gizmos.
 5a. Radio/Camera/Display: To link with PERCY or his dad back at home
base. When not doing anything else, Michael usually listens to 
classical music and/or reads an e-book.
 5b. Boot jets: Steered by 'body english', Michael uses this to jump
higher and further than even the suit's muscles can do, or to slow
 5c. Night vision goggles. Stored in the helmet above the visor.
 5d. Self-destruct: If any of the super-science circuits are meddled
with without the proper precautions, they're designed to melt into 
Items Carried:
 1. Effectively a flying motorcycle.
 2. Recharge station: When sitting on the saddle, the armour
automatically plugs into recharge ports for its batteries, and 
consumables such as the oxygen supply.
 3. Standard Gizmos.
 3a. Radio scanner: to keep Michael up-to-date on what the police,
firefighters, and ambulances are up to, plus local news reports.
 3b. Searchlight.
 3c. Winch and cable.
 3d. Flashing lights and siren.
 3e. Seatbelts and airbags.
 3f. GPS receiver, map display.
 3g. Thermos of hot tea, and some sandwiches.
 3h. First aid kit.
 3i. Conventional fire extinguisher.
 3j. Self-destruct: If any of the super-science circuits are meddled
with without the proper precautions, they're designed to melt into 
 4. Upgrades: Depending on what Michael has recently encountered, 
he'll add whatever devices seem most appropriate.

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