Rapp Sigurdarson

PLAYER: Mattias Rust
CHARACTER NAME: Rapp Sigurdarson
RACE: Second generation Swede from Ireland
AGE: 26 (884ad)
BIRTHPLACE: Limerick, Ireland
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Rapp is of average height but well built. His
hair is red and reaches down to his shoulders and hangs without 
braids just like his beard that he keeps well tended but not too 
short. No scars can be seen on his face though hard wind and cold 
weather have left a few marks. The color of his eyes was blue when 
Rapp was a child but by the years the blue have slowly turned into 
grey. In battle he wears a beautiful piece of mail-work, a gift from 
Svalbard in Lejre. Normally he wears a tunic in deep blue which he 
thinks goes well to his red hair and beard and also a pair of seal-
skin pants.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Under his clothes, on his stomach, a well-
healed but cruel burn mark can be seen, and a couple of inches above, 
a broad horizontal scar, close to the heart.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Rapp is the second son of three and when his 
father Sigurd Armstark*, a quite wealthy merchant, died his older 
brother Thorkel took charge and Rapp ended up as his "right hand" and 
Helmsman on the family ship "the Storm Plough". For many years he 
followed Thorkel on his journeys and learned a few languages (Apart 
from Norse and Irish also a bit of English and Frankish), how to 
bargain and how to built ships. By the years Rapp more and more felt 
that he would run the business better than his brother and soon got 
tired to be the Helmsman. He left the family without feeling or 
getting any hard feelings and started a long journey to fulfil his
dream; to obtain the gold to build a ship of his own and fill it with 
a faithful troop of good worriers. As for the "throwing daggers" itīs 
an old family tradition. Armstark means Strong arm
FIVE ADJECTIVES: Serious, purposeful, Smart, Ambitious, Proud
FIVE BEST SKILLS: Helmsman, Sword, Ship Making, Languages, Bargain
NEXT OF KIN: Mother Sionnan with a big family in the area around 
Limerick. Older brother Thorkel. Younger brother Vagn and two 
sisters. Also some cousins, on his father's side, in the west of 
Sweden. His cousin is Haki Stensson, an Icelander, and Rapp's double.
ADDITIONAL NOTES: Heīs got one throwing knife in the belt and also a 
beautiful golden ring with a marvelous red gem. He keeps this ring 
well hidden and never leaves it. It was taken from Skjalgs hoard. He 
also carries the sword called "Lightning".

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