Hero Name: Radiant
Secret Identity: Mitchell Solomon (Defunct identity.  Radiant has essentially abandoned his ‘mundane’ identity.)
Place of Origin: Utopia City, New Mexico
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: None
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 275 lb.
Eye and Hair Color: Shoulder-length blonde hair, gold eyes
Physical Description: Physically perfect.  No scars, marks, 
blemishes or imperfections.  Built like a Roman God.
Costumed Appearance: White bodysuit with gold sunburst across 
chest.  Cuffed boots and gauntlets.  Long cape.  
Psychological Profile: Radiant is arrogant, but not conceited.  He 
believes that he is fully capable of handling any crisis, but would 
never marginalize another’s contribution in any way.  Friendly and 
charming, he believes in the inherent goodness of all Mankind.  Kind 
to animals, children, and the elderly.  Pretty weak sense of humor, 
and very bad at small talk.
Strength Level:  Depends on current power level.  At maximum, 
Radiant can clean-and-jerk approximately fifty tons.  When his 
energy reserves are running low, his physical strength alone can 
lift just under eight tons.
Notable Skills: Nothing impressive.  Although well-educated, 
Mitchell Solomon was a social worker before gaining his powers.  
Well-read, computer literate, and generally capable.
Superhuman Abilities:
1)Super-strength: As detailed above.
2)Invulnerability: Radiant’s skin cannot be cut or pierced by any 
conventional means.  He is impervious to most hand weapons.
3)Super-speed & flight: Top flight speed is just under Mach 1.5.  
Top running speed is about 150 MPH.
4)Photonic absorption: Radiant is solar-powered, and can absorb heat 
and light from virtually any source.  Can quell fires, but cannot 
produce cold.  Cannot absorb enough light to make a room dark.
5)Photonic manipulation: Can manipulate light for various effects, 
including hard-light force-fields, strobe bursts, and lasers.
6)Light-based nervous system: Opposed to a normal human’s 
electricity-based CNS, Radiant’s system is like living fiber-
optics.  This allows him to think 62 times faster than a normal 
human, and react equally as fast.  (Electricity travels about 3,000 
miles per second, while light travels 186,000 miles per second.)
But thinking faster doesn’t make him smarter.  He’s got incredible 
problem-solving skills, because he can go through all the possible 
answers that much faster… but if he doesn’t have the knowledge, he 
just doesn’t have it.  He’s very clever, but NOT a super-genius.
7)Doesn’t eat, drink, or sleep:  Radiant’s solar-powered metabolism 
requires no additional fuel, produces no wastes, and has no need for 
rest.  Although he still breathes, it is unknown what he requires 
the oxygen for, or if it’s just a vestigial trait.  So far, this 
particular issue has not been put to the test.
Items Carried: Cell phone.

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