Collected excerpts from the Vikingsaga:

Aegir, keep the wind in our sails
keep the waves at bay
keep our spirits high
keep the rain away

Ran, thy glory is great
you collect our lost in your net
unleash your storms on our enemies
forever we'll be in your debt

Oh, Aegir bless us with your fire

     by ōrnulf Eiriksson

The Captain, Siggi the brown
Leads his men to foreign lands
His crew, a rowdy group
With axe and sword in their hands

A simple task, to fetch a Friend
may lead to tavern brawl
Mind your step in a fight or
Toothless on the floor you crawl

What nibbles at your feet
in the dark you can not tell
You wield your axe and
hear the wolf's loud yell.

     by ōrnulf Eiriksson

Wenches a'plenty we see
Serving ale and all about 
We war-hounds wandered 
in the dark.

To Gleipnir come, called
as Valkyries' victims, 
violence we've known in life. 
Where's our rest?

Hilda's hands my honour demands,
her skin, softly flushing 
to my eye, yet it's for yonder 
bodice my balls bulge.

     by BrŠn Sigurdsson

Sleep now little boy,
lay down your little toy.
The seagulls sings you to sleep...

     by Ulf Ormsson
     for AŽndil the Saxon

And Fjord-Gunnar was a noble man noble man yet he was from ...
Trondheim ...And as he was from Trondheim...tralala.. he married 
his sister tralala....and ugly kids she bore..tralala.....
Fjord-Gunnar was a noble man day he saw a Birka-man 
tralala...and cleved in two he was tralala..Hohohoo...never has 
ther been a happier there was 
two of him tralala.....

     Song by Brodvar Brodvarsson (the Toothless)

Weird sisters stand at loomside
Eyes upon where two threads tangle
Elder sister reaches forwards
Cuts one thread to save the weave

High in Asgard grey one watches
Sole eye fixed upon the duellists
Frostgiant shipwright waits in Nilfheim
Grasps his hammer, ever eager

When the blades begin their singing
No treachery or pleas of mercy
Both fight well and one dies bravely
One more guest for Odinn's hall

Should one party prove a trickster
Arms envenomed, black with sorcery
Win or lose the shipwright's smiling
Another nail this night is his

Red garbed trickster has no place here
Ward the gate gainst laughing leaper
Firebringer finds no welcome
Loki shun this hall tonight

Looking down from shining Glintnere
Good Forseti onlooks closely
Brings his blessing to the contest
Come the daybreak quarrels over

Lord Forseti councils wisely
Once one falls the strife is over
Kin and ally start no feuding
At holmgang's end the matters done

Grimmest one-hand sits in judgement
Let no man this night speak falsehood
Law upheld and evil punished
Only then is Tyr's work done

Come All-father, lightning wielder
Come lawbringer, stern wolf-chainer
Cut one thread and end this matter
At wyrd's end righteousness prevails

     By Kanarr 

Aegir, Aegir, mighty sealord
Send us swiftly, cross the ocean
Let thee not thy daughters vex us
Let thy blessing this ship ward

Odin, Odin one-eyed watcher
Keep us worthy, send us slaughter
That we may to ValhŲlls hall
Win our way in bloody rapture

Tyr the lawful, justice maker
Brim our hearts with valour full
Let thee not our courage falter
As we sail on foaming breaker

Come gods of Aesir, mighty all
Smile upon this voyage we take
Give us strength and chance for glory
Till the final darkness fall

     Invocation by Kanarr

She is so lovely
she kisses the waves
no man can help it
they'll all be her slaves

Aegir is smiling
he fills up her sail
when you can see her
it's to late to bail

She's kissing the waves
She's kissing the waves

Her captain, Siggi
he knows her well
heading for Trondheim
with statues to sell

Nothing can stop her
she just can't be sunk
not even Brodvar
'cause he's always drunk

She's kissing the waves
She's kissing the waves

     Song by ōrnulf Eiriksson

Over the hills we run
longing for the sea and
the sirens song

Our feet are tired
but our minds are strong.
longing for the sirens song

Over the hills we sing
running away from a vicious king.

And look there it is
the sea and it's waves
the home of Aegir's slaves.

Over the hills we sing
running away from a vicious king.

     Song by ōrnulf Eiriksson

It is softly said in 
Clontarf harbour, cautious men
mince words with their women.

Wine makes men's marrow a
magic syrup, and courage colours cheeks 
in the cold Clontarf dawn.

Why would Woden's war-host,
ever gallant amongst the Gael,
need mead to make manhood grow?

Aye, 'cause of Bran of Clontarf!

Women are bold Bran's plunder!
Warhosts trampled, timid thunder
to Bran Sigurd's Son, your wife's wonder!

Ale and anger, wine and witchcraft,
brave, bold ... beautiful ... beastial Bran
holds many men's wives a' mercy.

Bright in battle, hound to the slaughter,
but bright Bran's battlefields
are th' thighs of your daughter!

Frey curse that Bran of Clontarf!

A whole host of heroes' havoc
is naught to Bran, 
bum-up in your paddock!

The satirist's silver tongue,
lower pastures much trammeled he's done.
Dangerous work other menfolk shirk!

(And how the women wish him back!)

For Frey's hot stallion, Sigurd's son, 
silver-Bran, a bawdy sister 
and blood-bosomed bride his blush price!

Who can resist that Bran of Clontarf!?

     by BrŠn Sigurdsson


Tear the veil, the gates are open
law of death be held in thrall
let the fatal words be spoken
let the hell-horn pause it's call

Let the shades come flocking eager
Icy cataract give forth
Let the vengeful dead here gather
Keenly proving hell-bound worth

Let the furious viking join us
Stealthy venom foully slain
Vent thy wrath O treachered warrior
Arm us now with shafts of blame

Let the wraiths so fearfully guide us
Let the horror treason show
Let the light-brought terror bind us
Dead shall aid us, truth to know

Come dead brown one vengeance seeking
show your shade as you lie
twixt glorious conflict and frozen darkness
you must return and show the serpent
that slyly leaves thee howling in blackness
for phantom shall assure their suffering
leave the guilty dangling bloodless
formless, savage spirit of vengeance
show thyself in all thy horror
take thy shape and join us

     Invocation by Kanarr

Snatched away in his sleep
Snake poison on his lips
our captain smiles no more
t'hour was late but we swore

Forsaken be the man
Following the evil way
see what he has done
Siggi's soul is gone

Sail away my friend
set your sails for home
the memory will stay
thy killer will we slay 

     by ōrnulf Eiriksson

Odin, Odin I beseech thee
Aid me now thy will to do
Lay thy hand on Gungnirs brother
Make his flight both straight and true

Blade, become the loosened lightning
Find your mark in tides of red
Bite through shield and iron hauberk
Eagerly to vitals wed

     by Kanarr

Bastard son of ghosts and craftsmen
Your mother, an abomination who hath shut herself up
Verily you rode to triumph on an ass
A sickly triumph, foul sansordin

You mewling blight
Transgress ye 'gainst Odin's sacred rite
And trespass worse 'pon Tyr-lord's lawful pose

Armed with the law
And Gods far grander yet than dry wraith-fathers seed
A pox on thee, a thousand centuries of woes

Fool Ye
Fool your samite thralls
You vex me not with paltry trick
To from us shade untimely rip

     by Kanarr

Behind the spectre horror lurked
A bloated spider thing
On hatred fattened ripe it was

Eightfold eyes of malice bright
Looked forth from demon faces two
Each head a brazen circlet bore

Busy it was at work most fell
A seven stranded web to weave
And every strand a burning ichor dripped

One strand reached forth
and noxious serpent-evil wrapped
'bout slain Sighere's phantom form

More fatal gossamers were cast
At noble beasts that did surround
Among them wolf and stallion proud

The beasts, unvexed by venomed floss
Did cast around amidst the web
Until they heart of darkness found

And bearing blades of blinding fire
With light and iron, horror slew
And but for ashes there was naught

     by Kanarr

Fell news and fair to all I bring
For now the strands are gathered in
This past night our captains shade
Brought tidings from beyond the grave
And further sights I now report
From hellish visions finely wrought

The one hand has the strongest grasp
The one-eyed one the keenest sight
The holy mystery of this
Has brought us to the truth at last

Note well the beast borne circlets bronze
Of false nobility the foe
The one head, merchant-mock Jarl's son
Yea Constantine did venom sow

The other face of foulness too
Of ruling stock does claim to be
Twas Erik, Heorogar's Son
Did the fatal draught procure

Well you know the web of woe
Did to the hell-realms captain call
At others too the strands were cast
To peril of your shipmates show

Note well the stallion, standing proud
Spirit of the rutting Frey
This very eve our Irish priest
The fell assassins sought to slay

The wolf of Iceland, son of Orm
His namesake beast full well does show
The hands of evil for him bear
This very hour a gift of woe

The vision's end to all is clear
Go forth girt with iron law
To swiftly shiphome traitors bring
Justice comes at solstice Thing

     News, by Kanarr

Brodvar Birka-born, brave in
battle, but Brodvar drinks
deeply of his death. His foe in
Gunnlaug, Grim's grey son
fought the foe at Bragi's side,
shipmate and shield-shoulderer,
Gunni got his great axe at a
number of men.

"Harvesters of heads, he
and Brodvar both. Bucks in
spring, Bran might tell ye;
rumours, ruffled feathers and
fair friends' pride bullied.

"These two are twins in
sort; berserk Gunnlaug and
brave, bold Brodvar. Too alike
and always
sharing the same shadow."

     by Bragi Horse-Lips

Boisterous, boastful Brodvar
Born of Birka
Begotten of Brodvar
Thor's goats now
Your teeth shall be

If every man of Birka were
Vainglorious as you
So arrogant, so proud
I'd hold it still a noble place
If all its' sons did fight and die like thee

     by Kanarr, for Brodvar

Northern night falls for Ulf.
Friendly, not foe-making 
nuisance, never fearful,
Ulf's flax is unfurled now.
His head at his hip, he
not troll-skinned as other
men, might his heart now tire,
Orm's only eye, tattered.

This one a thane, never 
thrall, though in truth I knew
him not; but this ship's sharp 
versed sailing song's shortened.
He held his hat as his
name; battle helm, bravely
this boy named himself thus,
that head now hewn. My heart.

     by BrŠn Sigurdsson
     Eulogy for Ulf and Einar


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