Night Hawk

Hero Name:  Night Hawk. 
Secret Identity:  Jake Miller
Place of Origin: Junktown
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Occupation: Part Time Student, Part Time Taxi Driver
Height: 5'-9"
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye and Hair Colour:  Brown Eyes, Brownish-Blond Hair
Physical Description:  Mid-sized build, Jake's never really been 
able to develop any serious muscle definition.  He's not thin, not 
fat, but he's got round shoulders and tends to slouch, except when 
in costume.  He tends to let the little stuff slide, so he's often 
sporting a few days stubble.  During the summer he tans dark, but 
the rest of the year he's got a medium-light caucasian skin-tone.
Costumed Appearance: Night Hawk's costume is black, with a slightly 
avian hook to the black face mask and burnished bronze feathering on 
the torso (front and back).  Under both arms is a very loose, wing-
like cape, which can catch and flutter in the breeze, but has no 
practical impact other than to emulate the wings of a Night Hawk.  
About midway down each arm is a silver stripe, much like the stripe 
on a Night Hawk's wings.  Legs and boots are both matte black, non-
Psychological Profile: Jake's got mood swings from time to time.  
He's a super hero who doesn't feel like a super hero.  He gets 
nervous before a job, and he fidgets and complains if he's working 
with a partner.  It should be noted that he balks at blatantly 
suicidal acts.  And yet... Once he's decided that he's going to do 
something, all the complaining and nervousness is just a mask.  
He'll push it aside when it gets down to crunch time.  After all, he 
may be the only one who can survive what needs to be done. 
Strength Level: Jake is of average to above average strength. 
Notable Skills: Above Average Dirty Street Fighting, Basic 
Marksmanship, Impressive Streetwise (he's explored the seemy 
underbelly of society), Excellent Driving Skills, Reasonable 
investigative abilities.
Superhuman Abilities:  Jake's only got one super power - When he's 
killed he comes back after a certain time, alive and whole again.  
Sometimes it's only a few moments, while other times the extremity 
of the death may somehow increase the time before returning.  It's 
not regeneration: people who've witnessed his return have said that 
after a little while his body disappears and he reappears standing 
where it fell.  Obviously, a really messy death might spread him 
around, so he'd just appear in the general center of the mess.  If 
killed in a potentially lethal environment, such as in a vat of 
molten steel or something, it's anyone's guess how that situation 
might be resolved.
Items Carried: When on the prowl, Jake carries a roll of cash and 
sometimes a police band scanner.  He otherwise focuses on using his 
environment if he needs more equipment.  

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