Hero Name: Momentum
Secret Identity: Uriah Hawkins
Place of Origin: Arkham, Mass
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Occupation: Doctor
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 pounds
Eye and Hair Colour: Brown Hair, Green Eyes
Physical Description: Tall and lean, Uriah keeps himself in good 
shape both by using his abilities, and by working hard to *NOT* use 
his abilities while taking physical action. He has a very lean but 
well defined physique. His hair is worn slightly long, hanging just 
above his eyes and down to his neck. Normally, Uriah wears jeans and 
a short-sleeve t-shirt with Tennis shoes. 
Costumed Appearance: Momentum is dressed simply in a full, gray 
jumpsuit that has matching gloves, boots and mask. There is a black 
cable looped around his waist in black. Each leg of the jumpsuit 
has a pair of cargo pockets on it (one on the outside thigh, the 
other on the outside calf) that Uriah usually has crammed with first-
aid supplies. 
Psychological Profile: Uriah is best described as a Boy Scout. He 
will stop to help old ladies across the street and run people down 
who dropped something, so he can return it. His Nice Guy attitude is 
also coupled with a strong will, honed from the training to become a 
doctor and to master his abilities that could flare out of control 
if he isn’t capable. This is both a strength and a weakness for him, 
as he will not quit when he has set a goal in mind. Uriah is also 
something of a daredevil. His abilities allow him to throw himself 
around as hard and as fast as he wants, and he plays this to the 
Strength Level: Normally, above average from regular workouts.
Notable Skills: Doctor, specializing in emergency room conditions 
and sports medicine. Ex-Wrestler, specializing in a more acrobatic 
display. Some fighting knowledge, though not an expert by any means. 
Knowledge of running a medical facility, including staffing and 
supplies ordering(minor business knowledge).
Superhuman Abilities: 
1. Kinetic Control: This is actually a number of abilities grouped 
together, to be detailed individually, but are from the same source.
	A. Enhanced Speed: Momentum can alter his speed, allowing 
him to run at speeds capable of breaking the sound barrier. He must 
be moving to use this ability, and he can control how fast he moves, 
though as he gets distracted, his control slips, accelerating him 
even further. Lack of a safe place to practice has stopped him from 
finding an upper limit he can increase his speed to, although there 
have been a few accidents with him slipping past the sound barrier 
in enclosed spaces
	B. Enhanced Action: Momentum can also speed up his ability 
to do physical tasks. Much like his running, he has to already be in 
motion to do it, and he has a tendency to lose concentration and 
start to speed up on his own. He is limited to how fast objects he 
is using can be manipulated (for instance, a trigger can only be 
pulled so many times in a second, etc).
	C. Kinetic Absorption: Really two powers. The first is the 
ability to absorb any kinetic energy that he comes into contact with 
over normal force(His own walking doesn’t count, for instance). He 
takes no damage from the impact, and takes in the energy, allowing 
him to reuse it as physical strength. The charge time is limited, 
and the amount of strength is equal to the amount of force soaked 
in. Once used, it is gone(one punch, using full force, would leave 
him with a normal strength level again. He can lift heavy objects, 
but could not hold them long, or carry them any real distance, 
unless he had more energy to burn through). This ability works on 
physical attacks and similar situations, but has no use against 
fire, lasers, etc.
2. Enhanced Perception: When moving, or acting at higher than normal 
speeds, momentum is able to use his senses unimpeded. This does not 
give him any advantages to his senses, merely allows him to use them 
as if he were standing still, or moving normally.
3. Sticky: While moving, Momentum is able to use any surface that 
will hold his weight, as the floor. As soon as he stops moving, the 
effect is negated, forcing gravity to take over again. Momentum has 
learned to use this ability to best effect in combat.
Items Carried: 
First aid kit(Bandages, antiseptic spray, patches, scissors, etc)

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