It should be noted that magic, per se, does not exist in the game 
world. Having aliens as player characters is likewise not possible. 
However, given the nature of parahuman ability as described above, 
there is nothing to stop player concepts being caged in terms of 
magical ability. Characters may understand, or even genuinely 
(delusionally) believe, that their abilities are magical and that 
they are great sorcerors, or possessed of magic powers or even magic 
items (which with careful analysis reveal every time a high 
technological and offworld origin for their power source). Personal 
history or cultural beliefs may encourage these misunderstandings. 
Even the alien or extra-dimensional races presented in the game may 
wield technology that appears magical. However, there is no magic in 
the world. Although a path has been offered whereby players can 
submit magical concepts, they are encouraged to think for a moment 
whether they should (this is after all a superhero game, and there 
are a million games where players can find magicians, elves, 
dragons, etcetera). Similarly, while there are aliens in the game 
universe, only existing players already familiar with the alien 
species and races that are the GMs creation are really encouraged 
to submit alien characters. All the same, players can still propose 
an idea to the GM and see what happens. 

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