Story Characters

Konstantin Karlsson The second son of Karl, a wealthy land-owner in Jutland, Konstantin was named for the Byzantine emperor of the same name when Karl became Christian. Konstantin is a callous, unforgiving and spiteful young man, handsome with soft features, fair, and with icy blue eyes. His hair he keeps short. His beard is very pale and sparse and is kept clipped.

Viga-Thor Karlsson The eldest son of Karl of Jutland, Thor is a powerful fighter, slender in the body but possessing great quickness and strength in his blows. He carries an axe and a sword along with a spear. He is an honest man, honour bound to defend his brother despite knowing Konstantin is a troublemaker and sometimes worker of evil.

NŪall mac Airem An Irish reiver captain, last piloting the Curlew. (Sailed to Scotland).

Hrim the Hedgehog Isbjarnarson A tusk-bearded, chestnut-haired man who carries his nickname with pride. He wields axe, scramasax and spear and a much-pitted shield. He has a split in his left ear, a ring in the other, and is missing a canine tooth. Sjallander. (Trading, serving Hafthor Hrungisson).

Ingibjorg the White The young sister of Gram the Grizzled; a feisty, imperious blonde girl, slim rather than buxom, with startling white-blue eyes. By default, a member of Turf-Einar's household in Orkney. (Orkney)

Snorri the Stallion One of Turf-Einar's men, now husband to the Scots noblewoman Caitrin, who was sold to him as a slave by Thorolf Mansplitter.

Ragnar the Black Once from the Wind Hammer and now in service to Turf-Einar, Earl of Orkney. He held an enmity with Ornulf Eiriksson, now void. Keen-sighted and temperamental.

Asbrand A young swordsman not recruited in Roskilde by the Nidhogg.

Asgeir Asbrand's even less-experienced brother.

Dagrun A wise-woman and healer in the kings' settlement at Lejre. She is a severe, forthright woman, clearly very intelligent and not easily daunted. She takes some pleasure in the inexperience of younger folk in her presence. (Lejre).

Leida The successor to Geirrun, who died in Helgrim's presence. She is the young hagadis at the Asa-shrine at Lejre. She has dark, curly hair and a faraway demeanour.

Green Kolbein A green-eyed Viking with a fondness for gambling and chess. He always dresses heavily, and wears black-legged trousers, which suggests that Kolbein ("black legs") is only an alias. He carries a fine-handled sword.

Eidr Aslaugsson A tall, reserved-looking man with mousy brown hair, thinning at the pate, and a sharks' teeth necklace about his throat. He uses the hooked spear and long knife, plus a yellow-painted shield. (Accompanies Green Kolbein).

Isolf A godi and forge-hardened smith with thirty-five years' experience. He is somewhat renowned for his quick-changing temper and great strength. He has a business in Nidaros. (Nidaros).

Eirik Heorogarsson An earl from the Trondelag, he holds a long enmity with the old Wave- Kisser's crew. His left hand is perpetually twisted from a wound. He is young, blonde and good-looking, despite an evil demeanour.

Raedhere Heorogarsson The elder of the two jarls of Nidaros, Raedhere is also known by the epithet "Leiknir" -- the game player. A shrewd strategist, he is a more scrupulous person than his brother Eirik, though ultimately he is extremely loyal to his family line and his own holdings. He has mousy brown hair and a plain beard, though he is a well-developed man. His eyes are brown.

Sigtrygg Iron-Lungs A large man with blondish hair, usually bound behind his skull and secured with a gold clasp. His beard is bound into a single red plait. He serves Eirik Heorogarsson.

Sśgifu, the Crone The German high priestess of Frigg, accompanied by six young female virgin altar-keepers. A woman of imperial bearing and indeterminable age, she now holds Hrankel and Flosi in her sway.

Flosi Aasmundsson A giggly and possibly disturbed individual with lank blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He carries a spear and shield. (Flosi and Hrafnkel escaped with Crone and maids before Eirik's attack on the Volkhov).

Hrafnkel A fairly innocent young man with blue eyes and ginger-brown hair. He has a battered shield and a short forked spear, like the kind used for turning over hay. (Flosi and Hrafnkel mind-controlled by Crone to help her and the maids escape).

Gizur Vifilsson The only surviving one out of his brother Vidar and their cousin, Olav-Pig. This Rus warrior, tattooed on the arms and throat, his thick, greasy hair an ugly grey-brown, ears pierced and face dirty, was expelled from theNidhogg after some nastiness; defeated in a non-fatal holmgang versus Haakon Haakonarson. Last seen in Grobin.

Hjalti Skaptasson A renowned merchant and grocer, manager of an alehouse and feasting hall in Grobin. Father to Herjolf (Hjaltasson, deceased). (Grobin)

Gjallandi Not met so far; a Danish earl ruling from outside Halsingborg.

Godbjorg Ospaksdottir Godfrida's younger, slightly less hardened sister. She strongly resembles her sibling in all except that she has brown eyes and is slightly shorter. As well as being a sorceress, she is a skilled artisan, and her gifts often come with dweomered abilities.

Godfrida Ospaksdottir The eldest of two sisters, she is the widow of Froki Gormsson, though she carries Ketil Gormsson's child (Froki having been infertile). Buxom, blonde and blue-eyed, Godfrida is an accomplished witch; mature, far-seeing and pragmatic.

Hrothulf Armband A Grobin Pirate.

Geir Bloody Bread A Grobin pirate.

Vandrad the Voyager A Grobin shipwright, salesman and retired river master.

Ingmund Carver Shipwright from Roskilde, brother-in-law to Skeggi. (Roskilde).

Hogni Bow-Legs Eiriksson A small, dark-haired, pit-faced shipwright from Roskilde. He wields a large, curved craftsman's knife and wears an apron of leather armour. (Left Haakon's employ in Grobin).

Kari Iron-Tongue A tall, scarecrow-like figure with pointed nose and perpetually flushed, windburnt cheeks. He goes wrapped in a long grey cloak which conceals his patchy chainmail vest and, once upon a time, the stag-handled sword "Lightning." Infamous for his meddlesome comments. (Fled from battle north of Novgorod).

Saxolf Alfrimsson A large, broad-shouldered but slightly pot-bellied blonde. His hair hangs shaggily from his head, and his large forehead suggests a certain docile stupidity. A large axe is tied with rope in a makeshift holster across his back. His wool trousers and cloak are in poor repair. The cast of his eyes and something about his stubbled beard suggest he is of German or Fresian origin. (Fled from battle north of Novgorod).

Viseslav A middle-aged Slavic hunter, reputed to be a fine woodsman. He carries a bow and a throwing axe which he also fights with in close combat. Froki's bodyguard. (Fled from battle north of Novgorod).

Thorhall Griffin A Norwegian carl with a griffin emblem painted upon his shield, he's somewhat obsessed with mystical animals and dispenses some folk wisdom and claims to know cures for many common ailments. He has a rusty beard and dark blonde hair cropped at the collar. (Grobin mercenary).

Kolgrim An overly pretty black-haired Norwegian. (Grobin mercenary).

Sigvaldi A Grobin garrison guard. A large, blonde and toothy Dane.

Asgrim Another Grobin mercenary of no great mention.

Katla Sogur's-wife A buxom woman of late middle-age. She wears her hair coiled about her round skull, and piercing blue eyes matching the gem-stoned brooches on her bodice for clarity and potency.

Alfdis Sogursdottir An attractive, elfin fifteen-year-old girl brought from Sweden to marry a king in Denmark. Blue-grey eyes.

Glam Sturlusson Sogur's only surviving bodyguard, wounded by Rapp. A large, experienced man, though simple-minded.

Hari Skald-Vagnsson A Roskilder and fisherman, often ferries visitors up to Lejre since he is contracted to provide the kings' fish. (Roskilde)

Ostrygg Hersteinarson the Huntsman The chief huntsman at Lejre. A loud, imposing presence. He has a dark beard and lighter hair, light brown eyes and a wide mouth. His hands are immense, the fingers thick and blunt. He is reputed to have superhuman hearing.

Rune Ormsson Ship's captain and retainer of king Halfdan of Lejre. He is a ginger-bearded young man with gilt helmet and is an excellent rider. (Lejre).

Wulfgar Beohtricson This giant English thane is a very large, powerful blonde battler, now forty years of age. Christian, withdrawn and grim; a very hard man. Killer of Geirrod Rune-smith. Wulfgar is stuck in King Halfdan's court until such a time as he can return to Ang-land.

Godive Wulfgarsdottar Daughter of the English thane Wulfgar. She is an auburn-haired woman of some beauty, now pregnant with Bran's child. (Lejre).

Grimolf Tyrfingsson The foster-son of King Sigurd of Denmark, made one-legged by a shark some years back. (Lejre)

Svalbard the Chamberlain One of King Halfdan's most senior and trusted servants. A household administrator. A tall, hawkish man with a snow-white chin beard, moustache and expensive-looking clothes.

Svein Thrower A retainer of King Halfdan of Denmark. Green eyes, middle-aged.

Vidar the Mill A retainer of King Halfdan of Denmark.

Eyvind An Icelandic farmer with seven sons who took Haki's axe, Ice Troll.

Ari Nail-Lambasson A mercenary once working for Wulfram Aellesson, he is a broad- shouldered, neckless sort of fellow with shaggy, not-overlong blonde hair and a short beard. He has the pugnacious look of a watchman; experienced and a little grizzled, with clear eyes marred by squint-lines at either edge. He served Ketil Gormsson guarding Godfrida and Godbjorg Ospaksdottir and Godfrida's son Gorm and fosterling Asa.

Thorir A man with expressive amber-brown eyes and a long stiff chestnut beard. He has a shortsword of Frankish design, an axe, spear and shield.

Hrollaug Ariís-Shield One of Ari Nail-Lambassonís quieter companions. He is a severe-looking warrior with a bushy, pepper-coloured beard and very close-cropped hair. He wields a spear, axe and shield.

Sjolf Hrimsson Eyjolf's nearly albino brother, Sjolf shares most of Eyjolf's features except that his colouration and weathered features make him look somewhat ghastly. Previously thought an otherwise even-tempered and calm fellow, he has proven to possess a malicious, ruthless streak appropriate to one of Ari Nail-Lambassonís friends. He carries a bow and an axe, and the sword Wyrm-Taker, a gift from Ketil for killing Sigurd Widow-Maker with a single arrow. Many gold bracelets adorn his