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Here are my suggested stats for your character.  There is some flexibility here, particularly in the area of skills.  I tried to make choices that were most appropriate for a young noble of Rohan, but if there were skills you were hoping to see, let me know.  Just so you’ll better understand, most skills allow for a Specialization (the word in parentheses next to the base skill).  The game effect of this is that the character is particularly skilled at this one element of the skill, and therefore gets a +2 for that aspect.  For example, this character’s Ranged Combat: Bows skill is +4, which applies to all type of “bow” weapons, but he’s particularly skilled with a shortbow.&nbs p; When using one, his score is +6.


In the case of his “Duty” flaw, you’ll need to determine what his Duty might be.  It could be some sort of quest he needs to perform in order to clear his name, for example.  Alternatively, it could be a more general requirement.


As to Attributes, here's a rough gauge:


0-1:      Awful (-3 Modifier)

2:          Bad (-2 Modifier)

3:          Poor (-1 Modifier)

4-7:      Average (0 Modifier)

8-9:      Good (+1 Modifier)

10-11:  Great (+2 Modifier)

12-13:  Excellent (+3 Modifier)

14+:     Extraordinary (Modifier varies)


No character may begin play with an Attribute higher than 12, before racial modifiers.


Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions.  Hopefully this will get your “creative juices” flowing with regard to character creation.







Race:  Human (Middle Man)

Order:  Noble (Rohirrim, House of Eorl)

Advancements: 2


Racial Abilities:  Adaptable (+2 to Willpower), Dominion of Man (+1 Courage), Skilled (+1, two skills)



Bearing: 11 (+2)*   Nimbleness: 8 (+1)   Perception: 7 (+0)  

Strength: 11 (+2)*   Vitality: 8 (+1)   Wits: 7 (+0)



Stamina: +2*, Swiftness: +1, Willpower: +4, Wisdom: +2


*Denotes favoured Attribute or Reaction


Order Abilities:  Deference (+2 all social skill checks w/Rohirrim, +1 all others)


Skills:  Armed Combat: Blades (Longsword) +5, Armed Combat: Polearms (Lance) +5, Debate (Parley) +2, Inquire (Converse) +1, Inspire +3, Intimidate +2, Language: Westron +4, Language: Rohirrim +5, Language: Sindar +1, Lore: Realm-Rohan +4, Lore: Race-Man +4, Lore: Realm-Gondor +1, Lore: History-Rohan +3, Observe (Spot) +3, Perform (Sing) +1, Persuade (Oratory) +2, Ranged Combat: Bows (Shortbow) +4, Ride (Horse) +6, Survival (Plains) +1,


Edges:  Honour’s Insight (+2 to tests to detect tricks or deceit), Rank 1 (Minor Lord of Rohan), Valiant (Roll for +2 Courage to perform truly “heroic” acts)


Flaws:  Duty (To Be Determined), Fealty (Lord of the Mark)


Health:  10

Courage: 4

Defence: 11


Basic Equipment:  Longsword, Lance, Shortbow w/20 Arrows, Warhorse

"The Road Goes Ever On And On..."

J.R.R. Tolkein

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