Gorm Knutsson

PLAYER: Love Nilsson
LOCATION: Landskrona, Skåne, Sweden
RACE: Three-quarter Skanian Dane, one-quarter Frank from his father's
AGE: 27 (884 ad)
PROFESSION: As a watchman, he rode up and down the coast scouting 
for hostile ships nearing the village.
BIRTHPLACE: Simris, southeastern part of Skåne. 
OCCUPATION: Sailor/Warrior. 
RELIGION: Primarily Njord. Heimdall and Tyr to some extent.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: About 5'11" tall, Gorm is no giant of a man. 
His stocky build, broad shoulders and wide chest makes him look 
shorter from a distance. He's got an ample measure of straight, 
blond hair. Keeping it long and unbraided makes it somewhat unruly. 
The beard is of the same golden colour, but much to his sorrow not 
nearly as rich or thick as his hair. In regards to his face, with 
high cheekbones and a marked chin, it would be best described as 
square. His eyes are deeply set and bright grey.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Even at a quick glance his eyes are 
recognized as his most notable feature. They are of a pale greyish 
colour, almost silvery in nature. In addition, locking eyes with 
Gorm makes most men uneasy, as his gaze somehow seems fixed at a 
distance beyond the person he's looking at. This, along with keen 
eyesight is what once earned him the added name Langeblick. An 
intriguingly deep scar reaches all across the back of his left hand, 
looking like a slash almost made it clean through. When not gripping 
an object or clenched in a fist, this hand sometimes shakes 
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Torulf, a former slave, was set free in 830 
after having saved his master's homestead from being burnt. Thus, he 
saved the wife and children of the household in the process. A 
free man, Torulf saw his chance as a longship was recruiting nearby. 
After a few years in viking on the longship 'the Searcher', he found 
himself at the sacking of Dorestad. In the plundering following the 
fall of the town, Torulf ended the life of a Frankish trader and 
took the widow to be his wife. Returned home, he settled down as a 
fisherman. Knut, firstborn son of Torulf and Vala, grew up a still 
and content man who never felt drawn to a life of adventure. He's 
known as a skilled fisherman and a sociable man. His greatest 
achievement in life, some say, was in marrying the youngest daughter 
of Gorm the Wise. Torulf, firstborn of Knut and Unn, takes after his 
father. Soft-spoken and carefree, he spends his life fishing and 
enjoying it. 
     Gorm, the second son, was forced to stay home when the other 
men went away fishing. Bored and feeling a little left out as a boy 
he tried his hands at different things. Making his assigned chores 
as quickly as possible, spare time was abundant. Naturally talented 
with woodworking, much time was spent learning the craft from his 
grandfather Torulf. 
     Gorm also showed signs early on to have an affinity with horses 
and often visited the stables of the local Jarl. Still a boy, he 
performed what duties he could and as a reward he was allowed to 
exercise a few of the horses. Growing up, he earned a reputation for
being a bold, excellent rider and was assigned his duty as watchman. 
Some of his spare time away from his assigned duty, he spent fishing 
with his father and brother, in an average-sized boat that earns the 
family it's income.
  A few years ago, a position as a crewman aboard the Jarl's ship 
was vacated and offered to Gorm, who willingly accepted. Setting out 
from the small village, the single ship he was on was seeking to 
reach Jelling, Denmark. In an encounter with a Swedish fleet Knut's 
son, along with others, were taken prisoners. Claiming bad weather-
luck he was thrown overboard just outside the Norwegian coast.
  With the help of a Nidhoggsman, Modolf and later a Halogaland 
hunter by the name of Leidolf, he managed to rescue other members of 
the crew and seize the village. After incidents on a mysterious 
island after leaving Norway the crew were guests at the Danish 
court, from which they barely escaped when the King's brother 
returned from years abroad.
  Ketil, the captain of the Nidhogg has now made himself a stead on 
Iceland from where Gorm departed to be gone for more than a year in 
search of clarity in matters concerning his family's whereabouts and 
the fate of the love of his life. He has just recently returned. 
lucky, cynical.
FIVE BEST SKILLS: Spotting, riding, woodcarving, sailing, 
NEXT OF KIN: Knut Torulfsson, father; Unn Gormsdatter, mother 
(deceased); Torulf Knutsson, elder brother; Gunvi Knutsdatter, 
younger sister; Sven Buesson, brother-in-law.
ADDITIONAL NOTES: Through the latest events in his life, Gorm has 
lost much of the youthful optimism that was significative for his 
old self. On his legs Gorm wears a pair of worsted wool trousers in 
a light grey shade. His smock (undertunic) is a simple thing of 
white linen. Over it, he wears a woolen, keyhole-necked overtunic in 
a faded yellow. His light-greyish belt is made of smooth goatskin 
leather, as is his half-boots with leather lacing. His leg-wrappers, 
also woolen, is of a darker grey. In the event of battle he wears a 
battered chainmail shirt bought from a retired Nidhoggsman.

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