I already run a fairly successful, moderate-size supers PbeM set in 
a contemporary version of Lovecraft’s Arkham. But now that I finally 
have the Godlike rules, I find myself really drawn to a squad-based 
TOG play by e-mail game. Recently, a dozen guys I know set up a 
Mutants and Masterminds game which they intended to run 
collaboratively. Because I didn’t know this system and I’m not going 
to buy it (not after just getting Godlike!) I couldn’t participate. 
But seeing them put these ideas into work made me think that not 
only could it be done for Godlike – it could probably work even 

So because I really only have limited time to run the game I’m already committed to (I’m not about to bail on a commitment for something of greater allure, though sadly the Vikingsaga PbeM that I have been running for 5 years will end in the next few months), because I’m co-parenting a (nearly) one year-old, finishing up my dissertation and also teaching university part time, rather than doing it alone I’m interested to see if anyone else would like to join me in trying to make this idea work.

It’s fairly straight-forward. Either through troupe-based play or from actually having 9-10 players, we would run a Godlike game online (through e-mail), with posting every few days or so. I guess not everyone would have to co-GM, but in order for it to work I need at least three other players willing to join with me in taking turns to run short scenarios (keeping in mind that in PbeM-land, a short scenario can still take 3-4 months to complete). Each scenario would be like a chapter, or like an episode of (for example) “Band of Brothers.” We’d agree to a basic overall premise (my recommendation would be to start at D-Day and move on from there) and then have a roster. GMs would take turns. Each player would have their main character. If there were 9-10 players, then that would be it. Replacement characters would come in as the story progressed (and loss of life required). With less players, each player would have a main PC and then there’d be a pool of additional NPCs that GMs and players would use in the stories, and draw from as main PCs were killed. Obviously, a fairly short list of “prime directives” for how we all GM would be great, but I don’t want to get caught up too much in the committee angle. Committees suck.

Because of the nature of PbeMs, mechanics should be in the background. Apart from chargen and a little die-rolling in combat (done by the GM), the system would probably hardly come into use. Rules-lawyering-type arguments on list, players versus GM, would be completely out. Those who come forward in the spirit of the co-GMing idea would need to commit, because without others – without it being a proper collaborative – it all falls back on me, and I’ve said already that I don’t have the time for this on my own. That said, though, I’d really really love for it to get off the ground (and hey, for it to work too).

Are you interested? If so, drop me a line at my email (soti at iprimus dot com dot au – an Australian e-mail address) and if the turnout is favourable we can start things moving.

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