Hero Name: Coda
Secret Identity: Jason Patterson
Place of Origin: Arkham
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Occupation: Opera singer
Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye and Hair Colour: Blue eyes, brown hair.
Physical Description: Athletic, with a slender but muscular build. 
Short, dark brown hair. Dark blue eyes.
Costumed Appearance: Bodysuit in dark red with black shoulders, black
streaks run down the side of his chest and back on left and right, 
black on the outside of the upper thigh, front and back. Full mask 
in dark red with large black circles around the eyes, no holes for 
mouth or nose, eyes covered with colored lenses.
Psychological Profile: Friendly and outgoing, Jason is a normal guy. 
He makes friends easily and seems to be open and honest about most 
things. He does take his singing and practicing very seriously, 
though, and is generally short tempered with those who interrupt him 
during practice. Evasive when confronted about his disappearances at 
night. Intent when fighting crime and careful to keep his identity 
secret from the public. One of his vices is that he is a gadget guy- 
he is an early adopter, always staying abreast of what's new and hot 
in the area of personal electronics, computers, and the like. He 
loves playing with gadgets and being the first person in his group 
of friends to get a new digital device.
Strength Level: Above average, works out every day.
Notable Skills: Professional caliber singer, classically trained, 
who has an incredible number of songs memorized. Good knowledge of 
music and the music scene. Good dancer, though not as good a dancer 
as he is a singer- has studied ballet, jazz, tap, and ballroom 
dancing. Studies martial arts for exercise and discipline.
Superhuman Abilities:
1. Sound Generation- He can generate sound with his vocal cords far
beyond the capabilities of a normal human as regards decibel level 
and range. He can create sound levels able to shatter solid objects 
and can create sound in the infra (up to 16 Hz) and ultra (over 
16000 Hz) ranges as well as the range the normal human ear can hear 
(16-16000 Hz). 
2. Sound Manipulation- He can psionically control sound to create 
various effects. He often uses this power for:
a. Flight- he can fly at supersonic speeds, using sound waves to 
protect him from the normal effects of flight at this speed.
b. Sonic Blast- he can focus sound waves at a target and cause it to
shatter. At high power his blasts can virtually disintegrate a 
target. At low power he can knock a person unconscious without 
causing them further harm.
c. Sonic Shield- he can focus sound waves into a physical shield to
protect from solid matter or energy.
d. Sonic Shroud- he can enhance or diminish ambient sound in an area 
to make an area silent or much louder than it is.
e. Sonar- he can use sound waves to perceive an area through
echolocation, mimicking sonar.
f. Subsonic Suggestion- he can manipulate subsonic frequencies to 
make his suggestions hard to resist. He can also crudely manipulate 
certain emotions in listeners by adjusting subharmonics when he 
speaks or sings. 
g. Ventriloquism- he can create sound at a distance or manipulate
soundwaves so that sounds generated nearby appear to come from 
somewhere else or sounds generated far away appear to originate 
nearby. This second use allows him to eavesdrop from a great 
3. Enhanced Hearing- in addition to being able to manipulate sound 
waves to allow him to hear things at a distance, Coda can hear 
sounds in ranges outside the normal human range, in the infra and 
ultra range.
4. Protected Hearing- he unconsciously protects himself from loud 
noises, including his own sound attacks, by manipulating the sound 
that reaches his eardrums, dampening possibly damaging levels of 
Items Carried: Keys, emergency cash, combination cellular phone/PDA 
with wireless internet access and subscription to Scanner City III- 
an online police scanner with live police radio broadcasts, bottle 
of water, chemical hand warmers, pen and pencil, Garmin eTrex Vista 
handheld GPS unit with downloaded maps and digital compass on a 
backlit display, flat low light binoculars, Suunto Stinger backlit 
dive watch and dive computer with titanium band, Power 
bars, 'superhero calling cards.' Not all these items are carried on his person at the same time.

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