Hero Name: Chimera
Secret Identity: Alexander King
Place of Origin: San Francisco, USA
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Occupation: Rich playboy, CEO of travel business
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye and Hair Colour: Blue eyes and Blond hair
Physical Description: Alex is a tall, roughly handsome man who often 
has a cheeky smile and an amused look in his eyes. He has a slightly 
tanned complexion, is clean-shaven and has an athletic build like 
that of a gymnast. He tends to wear expensive, well-tailored suits. 
His smart and fashionable clothes, together with his well-groomed 
appearance and sparkling blue eyes, give him an attractive quality.
Costumed Appearance: Chimera's costume consists of a skin-tight, 
dark blue suit edged in silver that covers most of his body. The 
front of the suit is open and cut into a deep V-shape showing off 
most of his well-muscled chest. His hands are also left free and on 
his feet are lightweight blue slippers. Around his waist is a silver 
belt, attached to which are a number of silver shurikens and two 
silver sticks.
To hide his face, Chimera has a piece of the blue material wrapped 
around his hair and the upper portion of his head. This is tied at 
the back and the ends of the mask left to drape down. His blue eyes 
stare out from holes in this Zorro-like mask.
Psychological Profile: Alex suffers from delusion nihilism - the 
belief that the world and people around him do not exist and are 
part of a dream or a game. However, he only seems a little eccentric 
and not completely mad to those around him. He realises he'll only 
be considered a lunatic if he went around voicing his belief. He 
does want to enjoy himself and doesn’t take life seriously whilst 
playing a hero in this ‘game’. He also tends to spout philosophical 
nonsense and sometimes appears to be in deep meditation. This is 
just a ruse to appear as a Master martial artist.
Strength Level: Well Above Average (lift approx 500 lbs)
Notable Skills: 
1. Expert martial artist. This includes Kung fu, Karate, and 
2. Knowledge of various languages (Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, 
French, and Spanish)
3. Good business skills
4. Pilot (small aircraft)
Superhuman Abilities: 
1. Agility of a Monkey (Leaping, acrobatic and tumbling skill is 
better than an olympic gymnast)
2. Speed of a Cheetah (Running speed can reach upto 50mph. Attacks 
are incredibly quick)
3. Reflexes of a Fly (Bullets and ranged attacks can be dodged. 
Missiles can be deflected with bare hands)
4. Health of an Elephant (Stamina is increased to compensate for 
increased speed and agility)
5. Mind Shield (Chimera's training has given him a focused mind) 
Items Carried: 
1. Belt with 12 attached silver shurikens.
2. Silver bo sticks (two 1-handed weapons which can be fitted 
together to form one staff)

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