Asleif Ivarsson

PLAYER: Rasmus T S Petersen
LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland
CHARACTER NAME: Asleif Ivarson
RACE: Norwegian Viking, with some Scottish blood from his mothers side
AGE: 27 (884ad)
BIRTHPLACE: Orkney Islands
RELIGION: Njord and Odin are seen as the primary gods, Tyr and Thor 
are regarded with high honours too
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: At a height of nearly 6'4," Asleif towers over 
most men and is well muscled without being large. He has shoulder 
length red hair and sports a full red beard in battle braid. His eyes 
vary between green and blue depending on the light.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Most of his clothes are blue, including his 
cape. In battle he wears a coat of chainmail that he bought among the 
Franks while sailing with his Uncle Rolf's raiding fleet. The steel 
Claymore is strapped across his back. 
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Grandson of Ragnvald Eysteinson the wise of 
Møre and Ragnhild Hrolfsdottir. Their son, Asleif's father, Ivar 
Ragnvaldson was killed in a battle out of the Isle of Man, while 
fighting for the Norwegian fleet. Much to Ivar's sorrow he did never 
get any children with his married wife Asgerd, which forced him to 
let most of his heritage pass on to his "bastards". Asgerd acted as a 
foster mother for Asleif since his real mother did die in childbirth 
when Asleif turned three.
     Asleif's foster mother followed Ivar's half brother Einar, also 
know as Turf-Einar, to the westen-islands of Orkney when Harald 
Fairhair did give those as compensation for Ivar's valorous death.
Ivar had himself raided mainly on the Scottish and Irish coast. In his
youth, he did capture Asleif's mother Sinead in a daring raid. She 
was far from the only thrall Ivar won, or begat children with, hence 
Asleif has three half-sisters and two half brothers that have grown 
to adulthood. The oldest half-brother, who is two years older than 
Asleif, is called Asgeir Franksbane to his face, and Asgeir the Cruel
behind his back, for his fondness of sacrificing captured Franks to 
Odin. The air between Asleif and Asgeir is so cold that at times it 
have been close to blows.
     Ivar the younger, the other half brother, was born five months 
after their fathers death, he live on Wyre with his full sister 
Gunnhild, a young maiden of an age where she should be looking for a 
match. The two youngest of his half siblings are the ones that Asleif 
is closest to. Asta the oldest of the half sisters is married to a 
landowner named Alfbjorn, and still living in Møre, in Norway. Asleif 
have not seen her or anyone else from this branch of the family for 
over a decade. The middle half sister Sigrid, is married to Yngwie 
one of Einar Ragnvaldson landholders of Westray. 
     As the Orphan son in a clan of hard men, Asleif found the only 
way to win his uncles respect was to be as harder than stone, and an 
excellent warrior, also it was an easy way for a young man to dodge 
his work in the field to practise his sword fighting - alone or with 
some of the housecarls. Farming never had much of Asleifs interest - 
so his estate on North Ronaldsay is managed by one named Asmund One-
Ear - or Asmund Tjalfesson, a trusted henchman and shipmate on some 
of Asleifs earliest summers in Viking.
     At the age of fourteen Asleif did join one of his uncle Rolfs 
dragonsships on a raid on the Irish coast, and every summer since 
then has been away from home as often on one of his Uncles or Half-
Uncles dragons, as on a boat captained by a stranger. Due to  
Asleif's annoyance at have never been given command over a vessel of 
his own, but he always been told that he will have to win that post 
     During one raid on the Franks with Rolf. Asleif and his half 
brother Asgeir did almost come to blows, over the later's butchery of 
a large number of captives, including women and children. Part of the 
heritage Asleif did get from his father is the steel Claymore
that he did take Sinead father when she was captured. It was handed 
over when Asleif was name given thinking it was his heirloom after his
grandfather. Even as a child he could often be found staring at the 
mighty blade longing for the day when he could finally wield it,
but on his first few vikings he did not have the strength to wield it 
yet. Asleif always tries to keep both his war equipment and his 
clothes in the finest order. When idle he can often be found 
polishing his great sword or, if there is an opponent, engaged in a 
boardgame of some sort.
Fighter, Loyal, Noble
FIVE BEST SKILLS:  Claymorefighting, Swimming, Balancing,
Sailhandling, Runereading
NEXT OF KIN:  Ivar Ragnvaldson (Father, dead), Rolf Ragnvaldson
(Uncle), Thorir Ragnvaldson (Uncle), Einar Ragnvaldson (Half Uncle),
Hallad Ragnvaldson (Half Uncle), Hrollaug Ragnvaldson (Half Uncle),
Asgeir Ivarson (Half-Brother), Ivar Ivarson (Half-Brother), Asta
Ivarsdaughter (Half-Sister), Alfbjorn Godfredson (In law Married to
Asta), Sigrid Ivarsdaughter (Half-Sister), Yngwie Nailson (In law
Married to Sigrid), Gunnhild Ivarsdaughter (Half-Sister)

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